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Calling all teen writers!

I need your 100-word fiction stories!

Teen writers ages 12-18, submit original stories from November 9th-December 31st for consideration for publication in this teaching guide/anthology:

Small, Bright Things: 100-word stories in the Language Arts Classroom

You can write any story but here are some possible themes/topics we'll be looking for:

Weird Jobs, Friendship, Secrets, Love (or whatever), Family, Identity, This World We Live In, and The Future

Need help figuring out how to write a 100-word story?

I’m teaching a workshop on November 5th:


If you’re new to the 100 Word Story form, check out 100wordstory.org for examples.

Also, here’s one I wrote (inspired by Jim Harrison’s poem “The Bridge”):

The Bridge

For decades, they just called her The Book Lady. No one knew her actual name. Her whole house, it seemed, made of books. They blocked the windows, spilled onto her porch. All genres. Then, one periwinkle evening, they watched her building something. It started small, just some classics. Dozens of different editions of Little Women. A bridge into the sky. Each day, she built it: mysteries, dystopias, romance, fantasy, spy thrillers. The YA made for a spill of candy-color into the night. For weeks, she stacked and stacked, her windows reappearing, her porch clean.

Then she walked into the sky.

If your submission is accepted for publication, you will be notified sometime in the the early spring of 2021.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.